The Zouk Lounge

The Schedule & Story behind it...

Once upon a time… in a cute Zouk community in a little place called London lived a little boy called Ricky… and a much bigger boy called Pedrinho. 

Fate brought them together through the love and appreciation of life, dance and doing crazy things…

In a Zouk world saturated with festivals and classes, they wanted to share their ideas to explore something different, something unique and something wild.

They decided it was time to move direction and launch The Zouk Lounge.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath.. and read all of the below.. (actually it’s probably best to open your eyes before reading). 

Friday: Igniting the spark

Mindset Of A Dancer
Pedrinho, Nina, Matheus
Workshop 1

Friday is all about setting the vibe for the event; it’s chilled, it’s creative, it’s endearing… after you’re checked in by an extremely handsome and energetic bald man, you’ll start the event with a mega 2-hour masterclass with the birthday boy himself, Mr. Pedrinho Mattos, and the amazing Nina and Matheus. Their class will be one of a kind, named the
‘mindset of a dancer’ and will be part talk, part practical, fully genius. It’s purposely put at the very start of the of the event – Please don’t miss this one.

They will shine a light on how to stay focused, how to enjoy the journey of a dancer, plus advice on how to train, what to train, and why to train. They will unlock ways on how to keep motivated, stay present and also open the floor to share and care. 

Party Time

Then the party begins with your new mindset, and we end around 3.30am…

Saturday: A Symphony of Connection

“Part 1 – Dancing into Authenticity: Reconnect, Rebalance, and Rediscover”
Workshop 2
(This is part one of a two part workshop (part 2 on Sunday))

You will be led through a very special workshop focused on taking back control of your mind, body, and spirit. Be ready to be taken through spinal activation techniques and a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang energy to unlock and awaken a deeper connection to yourself.

Step into a safe and nurturing space where you can fully embrace your journey of growth and transformation as you explore practices designed to restore balance, ignite vitality, and cultivate resilience. 

This workshop is specifically put at the very start of Saturday… Don’t miss it!

Mega Musicality Sound Lab
N.E.D & All Artists
Workshop 3

The next class will be another extremely unique and never been done before workshop; a 2-hour ‘MEGA Musicality Sound Lab‘ with music artists N.E.D (Pedrinho & Nimsay) + all the artists from the event… Yep you read that correctly, 13 artists will be joining us in the biggest ever deep dive into ‘musicality’. This will be the biggest ever led workshop in Zouk history and we hope this will be the most eye opening catalysts in your zouk journey and developmentDo not sleep through this one. 

Dynamics & Head Movement Journey
William & Irene + Rau & Isa
Workshop 4 & 5

After a delightful 90 min break for you to grab some food and connect with your Zouk family, you’ll come back to 2 classes that run simultaneous (sorry – you’ll have to choose between William and Irene & Rau and Isa). William and Irene will be exploring dynamics; shading your movements and letting you know their secrets of how to express within the music and with your partners.

In the other room, Rau and Isa will take you through their head movements journey and introduce you to their techniques and innovative thinking.

After each class, we have created a dedicated time slot for the demos to be admired without being rushed – this is where we all come together and enjoy the beauty of each couple in one room.

True Leading & Following (Time to get Nerdy)
Bruno & Raiza & Pedrinho
Workshop 6

Next in the amazing line up we have Bruno, Raiza & Pedrinho – These 3 artists wanted to introduce you to their newest discoveries. They have been studying a lot recently together and having intense and magical debates and intricate explorations of understanding exactly what ‘true leading and following’ actually is. Including what is ‘intension’, what is ‘space’, what is ‘influence’, and how to ‘convince with conviction’ – this will most likely be the most nerdy class of the event. Part talk, part practical, full nerd.

A Night with Ricky & Pedrinho
Lets Talk Zouk – Live
Workshop 7

To end the evening, we’re not having shows, we’re not having competitions… instead we’re having ‘A night with your hosts Pedrinho & Ricky’ – We don’t actually know what to expect ourselves, but we shall be joined by all 13 artists and we will hold a live ‘Let’s talk Zouk’ discussion that will probably include, lots of laughter, lots of tears, lots of applause and lots of connections. We will bring out some comfy mats and seats and lay out some snacks and drinks for everyone to feel homely and enjoy. Please take this opportunity to join us for something new, interesting and exciting.

Party Time

After this, we party until our legs don’t move anymore until around 3.45am…

Sunday: The Grand Finale

Part 2 – Dancing into Authenticity: Unveiling the Truth of UKDC’s Methodology
Pedrinho & Maíra
Workshop 8

In the second of two interlinked workshops, we’ll integrate the concepts and techniques introduced in Part 1 with the core value & goals of UKDC’s methodology. Through practical application, you’ll not only enhance your dance skills but also elevate yourself. This session will focus on the art of adaptation, empowering you to embody newfound knowledge and truths, both on and off the dance floor.

Body Awareness Training; Leaders & Followers
William & Pedrinho + Irene & Isa
Workshop 9 & 10

For the next workshops we open with a leaders option and a Followers options, in one room we have William and Pedrinho and in the other we have Irene. This isn’t a ‘styling class’, in fact its quite the opposite, it’ll be focused around training to the elements of sound, body awareness and how to choose your own style.

Conversation, Connection & Surrender
Paloma & Pedrinho
Workshop 11

Queen Paloma & King Pedrinho will be going through their leading and following methodology & techniques. Learn how to make your partner feel seen, safe, and understand how to allow yourself to be vulnerable and surrender during the dance. Everything comes down to trust, presence, connection and conversation. Learn how to speak your dance and communicate.

Thinking Outside The Box’ & ‘Reverse, Flip & Repeat’
Carlos Oliveria + Nina & Matheus
Workshop 12 & 13

Then we head over to Carlos Oliveria, coming all the way to teach just one special and inspiring class ‘thinking outside the box’. Carlos has a very experimental mind and he will help you all look at things differently. On the other side of the school Nina & Matheus will be taking you through ‘Reverse, Flip & Repeat’, challenging your brain and bodies to play with movements and routines from different angles, different sides, different entries, exits, and showing you that once you understand the rules, you can break them.

Practice with the Pros; A Safe space
All 13 Artists
Workshop 14

We thought long and hard about how to finish our event, and we feel like we’ve come up with the most interesting and special idea. We will do something that we believe has never been done before in Europe – we’re launching ‘Practise with the pros’.
This isn’t a ‘workshop’ as such, instead all the artists invite you to join them for 90min in a safe space to practise any movements, techniques or ask any questions. All 13 pros will be at your disposal – Yep, thats right, this will be a safe space for you to go and train with friends, or practise with the pros. U
se them, chat to them, learn from them, laugh with them.
The idea came about as many students learn so much during a festival but don’t have the space or time to go through the material – well now you do – You’re welcome!

Party Time

After this, we can all get some dinner and party the final night away until around 3am… (we might be able to go a little later..)

The End!