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Welcome to UKDC!

We understand that London life is hectic (and expensive!). – That’s why we offer a no obligation free taster Zouk class. To spread the love, help people make new connections and most importantly have a good laugh!

We are a very open, encouraging and caring community, and we want everyone to feel welcome at UKDC. In dance it’s not about gender or a specific role; you can lead or follow depending on what your feel comfortable with.

Our new beginners courses start every February & April, September.



*We have 2 wonderful options just for you!*

1) If you’ve never danced before:
Register your details below and try a free beginners class and we’ll email you back right away with our upcoming course dates.

2) If you’ve danced Zouk before:
If you’re already dancing Zouk or want to improve your foundations and variations, try our Fast track 2, Urban Zouk or Zouk immersion class.

We understand that trying something new or challenging can come with lots of mixed feelings – This is why we try our best to help you feel at ease, and to enjoy your first class with us. 

If you have absolutely any questions, no matter how silly you might think they are… Just ask us! 

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If 'yes', where and for how long?.. Or If you've danced another style, let us know!
Injuries, issues, questions, etc!