Frequently Asked Questions

There a two ways to book your courses – Either pop into to the school when we’re open and we’ll sign you up on the spot, alternatively you can pay online with your credit/debit card by clicking on the timetable and pricing tab on the menu bar, If you are coming for a ‘drop-in class’ these are all paid on the door, so no need to book in advance!

Most of our courses are 3 months long and are paid monthly via Dance Place – this can be cancelled at anytime.

For example if you have purchased the membership of ‘1 course’ at £60, and your chosen start date is Sept 1st, this is when the 1st payment of £60 will be taken from your account.

If you have simply purchased the ‘1 month’ Zouk course, then your payment will only come out once, and if you wish to continue you will need to purchase it again. Alternatively you may prefer to choose the ‘monthly rollover’ option which continues your monthly payments until you cancel it.

Its exactly the same as most gym memberships!

You can cancel at any time by emailing us at [email protected] or speaking to one of our reception in the school who will make sure no more payments come out.

Once a payment has been paid no refunds/part refunds are given – i.e. if you sign up on the 1st sept for a 3 month course, but email to cancel on the 14th Oct, your 1st payment of £60 would have come out on the 1st sept, and the 2nd payment would have come out on the 1st Oct – There is no ‘half a month’ refund for the rest of October, and your Nov 1st payment will be cancelled – of course you can keep dancing up until the end of Oct!

We advise you to use sports trainers/shoes for non partner dance styles and we do not recommend rubber soles as it might hurt your knee. Ladies can choose to wear dance heels for partner dances but this is not a requirement. Either heels or flats.

We advise to bring an extra change of T-shirt or top as it can get quite warm and a change may be needed. We also advise to bring a bottle of water to ensure hydration. Any thing else that ensures hygiene & freshness.

The facilities found in the gym will consist of a bathroom with toilets, shower room and changing room. No lockers are available on the property.

You can attend classes with a partner, or come on your own. We believe that by dancing with different people that will speed up your learning, during our classes we will ask you to change partners. We also have our lovely assistants team that are always helping in the classes.

You are more than welcome to come and observe the class, or even better do a try out for free of your favourite dance style. Only one try out will be available per person, per style.

If you would like to join a class mid term, you will get a free try out with our assistants to see if you are able to join the progressive classes. We will confirm your level and advise whether you will be able to join the classes, you may be asked to do private classes/workshops to meet the level and standards of the group, or you will be asked to join a lower level so you can progress faster after that you will be send to our team to pay for the remaining classes of that month. Please note that when the new month arrives you will need to pay in full.

Unfortunately, our classes are non refundable and we do not offer roll overs to the next month.

Monday: 7pm – 10pm
Tuesday: 7pm – 10pm
Wednesday: 7pm – 10pm
Thursday: 7pm – 10pm