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Pedrinho Mattos - UKDC Founder

Pedrinho is widely regarded as one of the top Zouk artists globally, he is extremely popular and known for his exceptional training method and dance abilities. He offers private dance lessons to help individuals and couples elevate their dancing, improve their technique, and learn new styles.

For the best results, students are encouraged to purchase a package of lessons and use Pedrinho as a mentor and coach, with structured goals and regular sessions. But we understand that time can often be limiting and sometimes you just need a ‘one-off’ sessions with a particular focus.

Whether you’re seeking become a more confident social dancer, a competitive Jack and Jill dancer or interested to learn to become a Zouk instructor, Pedrinho will guide you on your journey.

Sessions can be hosted at your home or organiser studio, at Pedrinho’s home (in Hayes, UB9) or at UKDC school.

Package prices: 

As an Individual
10 hour ‘Mentorship program’ (These sessions are minimum 1.5hrs) – £900
4 hour ‘Intensive’ package – £380
1 hour ‘check up’ private – £100

As a couple
10 hour ‘Mentorship program’ (These sessions are minimum of 1.5hrs) – £1000
4 hour ‘Intensive’ package – £440
1 hour ‘check up’ private – £120



Our monitors have a passion for delving into the nitty-gritty details of the dance. Their unique ability to break down the elements of Zouk and present them in a clear and accessible way is nothing short of a gift to their students. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, they’ll work with you to build a strong foundation and help you discover your own style.

With their combination of technical expertise and infectious enthusiasm, our Monitors make learning Zouk not only informative but also incredibly fun. Whether you’re looking to perfect your technique, add some new moves to your repertoire, or tap into your creativity, these Zouk pioneers have you covered. Get ready to be swept away by their geeky passion for Zouk and the results it will bring to your dancing.

Please note:
– You can do any length you of private lesson you like above 1 hour (i.e. 75mins, 90min)
– Want a second teacher in your lesson? Please enquire for availability and the additional cost.
– The location of your lessons can be agreed when talking with your instructor.
– The prices say ‘from £xx’; because the price may be higher depending on which person you are after or on travel/ location, so please get in contact for exact prices!

Please contact your instructor directly via WhatsApp arrange and enquire about their prices and availability:

Nina: 07762566895
Harry: 07432288827
Barry: 07999077682
Will: 07510242440
Stephen: 07562511304
Ricky: 07709787650
Jackson: 07988553381
Anna: 07835841080


Package prices: 

Booking as an Individual
10 hour mentorship package (These sessions are minimum of 1.5hrs) – From £400.
4 hour package – From £180 with 1 x teacher.
1 hour ‘check up’ private – *From £50 with one teacher
(You can do additional increments of 15 mins)
*Prices may vary

Booking as a couple (This can be 1 lead and 1 follow, or both of the same role)
10 hour ‘Mentorship program’ (These sessions are minimum of 1.5hrs) – From £550. 
4 hour ‘Intensive’ package – *From £240.
1 hour ‘check up’ private – From £65.
(You can do additional increments of 15 mins)
*Prices may vary

UKDC Assistants


Our exceptional assistant team members, trained to a high standard by the renowned Zouk master, Pedrinho. These dedicated dancers are on their own Zouk journey, striving to become accomplished instructors in their own right.

Attending their private catch-up sessions, exclusively available to UKDC students, is an opportunity to learn and advance your Zouk skills. Whether you need to make up for missed classes during UKDC courses or require a quick fix on a particular technique or move, these sessions offer the personalised attention and guidance you need.

Our assistant team members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the dance floor, and their passion for Zouk is infectious. They are committed to helping their students thrive, and their private sessions are designed to help you level up, fast. 

Package prices: 

4 hour ‘Intensive’ package – £130
1 hour private session – £35

Please contact Ricky on 07709787650 for more info and to be put in contact, alternatively speak with any of the assistants at UKDC.