Feb 14 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


From £129

Zouk ‘Immersion Course’ – Level 1, Part A – Foundations & Variations – (14th Feb – 3rd April)

zouk class at ukdc

This course is like the secret sauce on your Zouk learning journey… It’s time to dive headfirst into the Zouk ocean – yep, we’re talking about full-on “Immerse” mode!

Most of you are pushing yourselves to go to the next level and taking Zouk seriously – This course is where sh’*t gets real!

It’s time to open your eyes to more complex understandings, more advanced techniques, incorporating creativity and adding styling.

The idea is that after completing the Immersion courses, you should be able to lead and follow extremely comfortably and social dance all night, as everything should simply click in place for you.

This course basically connects all the dots, allowing you progress much faster.

You MUST know all your basics and foundations before joining this course – please respect the process and your other peers and teachers.

This course is perfect if you’ve already completely Fast track 2 or have been dancing at least 4 months regularly.

Immersion Course Progression

There are 4 immersion courses split into 2 levels.. Take a read below to understand…

Level 1 – Immersion Part A
Foundations & Variations

Level 1 – Immersion Part B
Structure & Adaptation


Level 2 – Immersion Part C
Frame & Technique 

Level 2 – Immersion Part D
Dynamics & Innovations


Level 1 – Part A & Part B

The first two parts of the immersion course are the ‘same level’ of difficulty, but teach difference concepts, techniques & movements.
You can do them in any order (I.e. you can do Part B before Part A).

Level 2 – Part C & Part D

This level is more challenging, deeper and bridges the gap between many concepts. After completing these two parts, you will have the knowledge to be a very well rounded, confident and creative Zouk dancer.
Again, you can do them in any order (I.e. you can do Part D before Part C).

Course dates between Jan – July 2024 for the Immersion Courses
(All below course are held at our Chalk Farm Venue)

Immersion Level 1; Part A
 Weds, 7-8pm, 14th feb – 3rd April

Immersion Level 1; Part B
Weds, 7-8pm, 10th April – 29th May

There is a potential Immersion Level 1 – Part B
Starting 6th June (but this is TBC)

Immersion Level 2; Part C
Weds, 7-8pm, 
5th June – 24th July

Addition bonus – Free Social Practise

On Wednesday’s we offer a 1 hour social practise between 9-10pm


Early bird (Until 2 weeks before course starts) 8 week course  – £129

Late bird (within 2 weeks of the course) 8 week course  – £139