Jun 12 2020 - Jun 15 2020


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


From £40

The Zouk Lounge – Part 2

'The biggest community gathering in the world'


We decided to throw the most ridiculously, insane online event as possible… involving well over 85 artists teaching over 60 classes!

Dare to join us?

Since the virus has hit, we’ve spoken to so many artists, students and people within the community about what is working for them right now, what is not working and what people really need right now….

We know some couples are isolating with together (the lucky ones!), some are alone, some have lots of space, some don’t, some have good floors, some definitely don’t…

Is it possible for an online event to cater for everyone?

We think so! We have brought together a group of the most down to earth, creative and extremely passionate (not to mention slightly insane) bunch of organisers, teachers and community builders to create ‘The Zouk Lounge’. Our main aim is to give something for everyone, and to keep you all thoroughly entertained over the bank holiday weekend.

The Lounge Rooms

An incredible selection of rooms, topics & creative ideas!

The Rising Stars Room

– A brand new area for ‘up and coming artists’ – Let’s all show support and shed light on the new generation of incredible talent coming through the ranks.

Zouk Nerds, Geek & Addicts Room

– This is our favourite area where you can join seminars (both practical and theoretical) from the most incredible minds Zouk has to offer.

The Lucky Room

– If you are lucky enough to be in quarantine with a partner, you can enjoy this room with some amazing artists. Solitary people are of course welcome but everything will be aimed at couples.

The Home Alone Room

– Perfect if you are on your own! We have exercises and topics to improve your Zouk and keep a positive body and mind.

The Competition Room

– A fun and completely free couples competition, judged like a normal competition with DJs, registration, digital scoring, heats and a spotlight final! (which will be streamed live to FB)

– A fun free solo competition for all of you without a partner! (Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you lot!)

The Games Room

– A Live auction (I literally can’t wait for this); each artist will be sold off to the highest bidder! haha. This hilarious auction gives you the chance to bid on ‘time’ or ‘things’ from our huge line up of incredible artists. Will you bid on a private lesson? A friendly chat? A congress pass? A showcase costume?  A month of online classes? This is a super fun way to financially support all the artists.

– Plus a fun Zouk quiz!

Our incredible line-up of 85 artists! 

Zouk Nerds, Geek & Addicts Room

  • Xandy Liberato - BRA/SPA
  • Gui Prada - BRA/USA
  • Freddy Marinho - BRA/FIN
  • Arthur Santos - BRA/SPA
  • Alisson Sandi - BRA/USA
  • Anna Hoekstra - AUS
  • Jeremy Hale - USA
  • Felipe Nascimento - BRA
  • Pablo & Léo - ARG/BRA
  • DJ Kakah - BRA
  • Eglantine - BRA/TAH

The Lucky Room (aimed at couples)

  • Carlos & Anastasia- BRA/RUS
  • Val & Vanessa - BRA
  • Carlos & Fernanda - BRA/PRG
  • Leo & Thayná - BRA/POR
  • The Ramalho’s - BRA
  • Anderson & Brenda - BRA
  • Bruno & Raiza - BRA
  • Leo & Anna - BRA
  • Rafael & Izabel - BRA
  • Darius & Laura - CAN
  • Rafael Latiff & Sepideh -BRA/AUT
  • Ricky & Larissa - BRA
  • Paulo & Luisa - BRA/USA

Solo Followers Room

  • Larissa Thayane - BRA/USA
  • Andressa Castelhano - BRA/FIN
  • Paloma Alves - BRA
  • Mathilde Dos Santos - POR/FRA
  • Natasha Terekhina - RUS/SPA
  • Felipe Lira - BRA
  • Joana Zwierzyńska - POL/UK
  • Anastasia Maximilian - USA/GRE
  • Jessica Lamdon - USA
  • Shani Mayer - USA

Solo Leaders Room

  • Kadu Pires - BRA/SPA
  • Walter Fernandes - BRA
  • Renato Veronezi - BRA/POL
  • Will Santos - BRA/SPA
  • William Teixeira - BRA/SPA
  • Leo Neves - BRA/NZL
  • Ry’l - VEN/USA
  • Pedrinho Mattos - BRA/ UK
  • Maxim Chistokletov - RUS

Rising Star - Solo Room

  • Jerry Lai - USA
  • Devon Near - USA
  • Sydney Charisse- USA
  • Ilse Maria - NLD
  • Caroline Haugsted - DNK
  • Cheryl - SGP
  • Elena Rovito - USA
  • Nathalia Pinheiro - BRA/AUS
  • Kelsey Rote - USA
  • Aria Fae - USA

Rising Star - Couples Room

  • Lui & Larissa - BRA
  • Bruno & Fae - POR/USA
  • Vinicius & Saeko - BRA/USA
  • Marck & Melyssa - BRA/BRA
  • Gab & Sabrina - FRA
  • Luan & Adriana - BRA/BRA
  • Elijah & Deenie- USA/USA
  • Tiago & Julinha - BRA/DEU
  • Joana & Dendê - POR/USA/SWZ
  • Dominik & Monica - POL/POL

Package Prices

 We are offering 3 types of passes to cater for everyone!


Early Bird - Full Access Pass

£ 40

Full pass for every session. 
Early bird price until 30th April. 
Couples must purchase a separate ticket each.

Early Bird Full Access + Recordings

£ 50

Full pass for every session plus all recordings from the entire event.
Early bird price until 30th April.
Couples must purchase a separate ticket each.

Recordings Only

£ 60

All recordings from the entire event - For those not 'attending'.

Timezone conversions to help some of you!

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